Texas - Advice from the Webmaster

There are many things you can do to get the word out about your lost pet. Posting to this web site is only one method. Lots of people visit this site and chances are good that they will see your listing. The fact that you are using this site indicates that you are very serious about getting your lost family member back as soon as possible, using all of the methods available. Here are a few others you should consider.

  • Call area vet's offices and see if anyone has reported a found pet. Many people have told me when happily requesting that I remove their listing that they got their pet back as a result of someone finding the pet and reporting it to an area vet's office.

  • Contact the local Humane Society and animal rescue organizations to see if your pet was reported or turned in there. There are several chapters of the Humane Society in Texas. Here are a few of those available on the Web. More can be found in these search results from Yahoo! You can also check your telephone book Yellow Pages under "Humane Societies."

  • The old tried and true methods are sometimes best. Make a flier about your lost pet, featuring a picture and detailed description if at all possible and your phone number and address. Make as many copies as you can distribute (legally) in grocery stores, pet stores, on poles and other public places where notices can be posted. You may also want to post a few copies at work in your break room for example. Several of the users of this site have reported to me that their fliers were the key to their pet being returned to them.

  • Go door to door and ask your neighbors if they have seen your pet. I have heard cases from the users of this site that they have gone to great lengths to find their pet only to eventually discover that one of their neighbors was holding the pet, trying to decide what to do with it. While talking with them, be sure to give them one of your fliers.

  • Put a lost ad in the paper. Many papers will give discounts for lost pet ads as a public service. Found ads can be placed for free in many newspapers. Be sure to check the found listings in your local paper as well since many people think to report found pets there first.

  • These are my recommendations based on things that my users tell me have worked for them. There is a more complete list of things to do at the National Missing Pet Network site so you may wish to read that as well.
No matter which methods you use, my most sincere hope is that that you and your lost pet are reunited as quickly as possible. Please contact the Webmaster with any questions, comments or concerns.

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