The Missing Pet Network


The MPN originated in 1994 when Dr. Jerry DePoyster, the USDA staff expert on issues involving the use of animals in research, decided it would be a good idea for the USDA to have such a site to help people find their lost and stolen animals. Jerry is exceptionally aware of the concerns of people who have lost dogs that they not end up in research, and this was a way to help. Since he was also the webmaster of the USDA Animal Care Division's web pages, the Net was a natural forum for him. 

After the page was up, Jerry was contacted by Alden Finley in Florida who asked if he could link. That started the wheels turning. They both felt a centralized grouping of lost pet sites would be more practical than pages scattered here and there over the Net. MPN began as a nationwide virtual linking of lost pet pages, each covering a state, although it has grown to include sites outside the US as well. The MPN expanded to the point Jerry needed help directing the project, so in early 1998, Ms. Sidney Boardman was elected as co-director by the membership. 

How MPN is organized

MPN is organized by state, or by country. There are two kinds of sites MPN members maintain - listing sites for lost and found notices and search resource sites. There is one listing site for each state (or country), but there can be several search resource sites, each covering a different area of the state. There are a few states which were split between several sites in the beginning of MPN, that is no longer being done because people are often confused which site to send a listing to, and where they should look for their lost pet. 

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