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How to post a listing 

Please go to MPN Lost and Found Listings by State and choose the state in which your pet went missing. Please fill out the form so important information is not overlooked.

You will receive a confirmation message by email once the info has been added to the database with basic instructions on how to look for your pet. The message also explains how to remove your listing once your pet is found, and how to add a photo.

How to remove a listing 

The message confirming the listing has complete instructions for removing a listing. If you donít have that message, please write the person maintaining the state in which you posted your listing (the email address is the two letter postal code for that state, plus @ missingpet.net) and ask to have the listing removed, Please be sure to include the date you posted your listing, whether this is for a LOST or a FOUND animal, the species (dog, cat, bird, horse or other) of your pet, the state and town or city, the petís name and your name and email address so we can find the listing in the database.

Who we are and what we do

The MPN is a group of volunteers sponsored by the USDA Animal Care Office, who help people find missing pet animals.  We accept no money, make no endorsements,  and use no advertising on our MPN web pages. More Information on MPN













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